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In My Tummy(Jane)






M&M (鳳君)


A fantasy journey


   There once were a duke and his wife duchess.They had a beautiful daughter Alice--the princess.The couple were very capable. They designed and built a castle of their own.The castle was on a hill nearby a large waterfall. 
The duke took over the people of his domain.The people were busy and rush carrying water sowing seeds. 
With no siblings to talk to,  Alice felt alone. So, she kept a lot of pets (dogs, cats, birds, snails, fox... etc.) and talked to them.
One day, the duke and duchess drove a three-horse carriage went out on business for a few days. Alice fed pets in the castle square. Many pets are running here and there in the square.  
Just then, a young man passed by. He came from a far away land. He was attracted by the beautiful castle and the magnificent waterfall. 
He stopped, tookout a drone and flew it into the sky. He flew approached to the waterfall ,kept taking record. Flew over the castle, kept taking pictures.               Suddenly he was fascinated by a beautiful figure. That was a very beautiful blonde girl wearing a very classic and elegant dress. He took photos from all sorts of angles in the air. But, here he made a terrific mistake. He lost track of time. The battery was about to die. Then his drone crash-landed in the castle square after it's battery ran out.
So, at this time, he must find ways to break into the castle square and retrieved his drone.
Alice was singing songs when suddenly a young man came out in front of her. He was a strangely dressed handsome tall young man with a bag on his back.      "I'm not a bad guy. I just want to retrieve my drone back." Said the young man. To prove his claim, he replaced a new battery and flew the drone into sky. And invited her to watch the remote control screen in his hand. 
Alice forgot to blame him for the break-in and was attracted by the "box", controled in his hand. 
“You can see a beautiful view of the ground from the air," said the young man. "You may say it  'eyes of God.' The photos are transmitted from the camera to the cellphone by radio at the same time." 
Alice was very surprised that she could see the castle, the beautiful scenery and herself from the air, from God's point of view. "That's amazing!" Said Alice.      After that, the young man took out a magic crystal ball from his backpack. Oh no! It was a magic crystal square board. He called it " pad". 
He began to introduce his city--his hometown. Alice noticed, in particular, that the automoving iron box was full of people. The big iron bird that can take people to the sky. Turned on the tap and water came out.
They talked happily and adored each other. "Would he be a Prince Charming  sent by God?" Alice thought to herself. "How did you get here?" Alice asked. "I rode past here on an off-road moterbike." "What's that? Shouldn't it be a white horse!" She thought. "Would you be interested in taking a tour of my city?" He made an invitation. "I can't wait to go!" She had a great longing for the magic city. She wanted to run away with this man.
Then... the beautiful and noble princess eloped with the young man...
Then ... they lived happily ever after..
This is a fairy tale of time travel. Thanks for your attention.
                                                                                                                 Written by Mill Su

Stay safe and pra


    Since 2020 terrible COVID-19 had changed everything and people’s living style. All the people must wear mask when they go out and keep socially safe distance; Some people work from home and students learn from online; In order to safe, also can't eat inside at restaurant. This virus not only causes inconvenience in life, but actually increases people's anxiety and insecurity. This part needs to be extra careful. Because of pandemic, people spends more time at home. Perhaps we can take advantage of this time to clean up the home environment, try to stay positive, and learn things of interest. Get a vaccine as soon as possible, there is no need to stay at home, and pray to return to normal life as soon as possible.
I really miss it!                                                                                      Written by MANDY